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Author Note: One New, One Update

I am pleased to announce that despite the weather dropping into the low teens and twenties (brrrrrr) I was able to defrost my keyboard long enough to provide one new NotesOn and one update:

New:       NotesOn:  IT Fundamentals — Do Not Automate Confusion

Update:  NotesOn:  Cumulative Recovery Time Objective

If you have ever attempted to automate any portion of a business process (or the entire beginning, middle and end of it) you will appreciate this new NotesOn.

The update is well worth the re-read too.  It has a new and improved principle graphic and additional data on the potential risks embedded in each CRTO Type.

Enjoy.  And let me know what you think either by using the site’s contact page or by subscribing and commenting on either or both.

Hope this helps,

DP Harshman

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