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Author Note: Testing Testing Testing Testing T…

This latest post — NotesOn: Project Management – IT Testing 101 — has, in a sense, been in the works for years. Over the decades I and my teams have done testing both the right way … and the not so right way … until we finally figured out there is a Right Way to test. Starting with doing the Testing.

In actual fact this post has been underway for at least a year, maybe a bit longer, because … well, you can read more about that in the post. But the horrendous failure of the “Obama care” website sparked the need for the post’s completion. Clearly there is a LOT that isn’t known about IT Testing in some circles.

I do want to point out that I do mean “all politics aside” when I speak of the catastrophic “Obama care” website Go-Live; bashing Obama or his site is not the point. And it was, and still is, a catastrophe, if for no other reason than their stupendous failure to present a clean, fully functional, absolutely professional face to The World totally muddied the waters around the Change Management Plan (if there was one) that Obama’s minions were planning on executing. Recovery from such an appalling world-wide fiasco, if possible at all, is extraordinarily difficult and extremely expensive.

You’ll discover how to avoid such misery in the future once you crack open my latest, somewhat lengthy post.

P.S.  Sorry I haven’t been more productive, post-wise, of late but my teams and I have been working two major system releases at the same time; along with Production support duties of course.  The first one, which has an enterprise wide impact, just rolled out to rave reviews a couple of weeks ago.  The other, a fairly complex three year project, is on track … because we have been testing as we go.  So.  I’ve been a bit busy.

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