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Author Note: Upcoming Posts To Look For

I have been really really really busy of late, among other reasons I’ve been driving two major projects (Programs truthfully) at the same time so, alas, I’ve been ignoring my duties here. As impetus for me to complete them I wanted to let you know about three (3) upcoming posts. In no particular order:

1. NotesOn:  Project Management – A Bi-SDLC Methods IT Shop Is Okay
For years I have been posting negatives about Agile based methodologies. With good reason. Primarily because they short cut or cut out altogether the Risk Management steps built into more traditional SDLCs (such as “Waterfall” — a most unfortunate name). Well, the Agile folks have been learning the hard way (as have the IT Shops using these methods) and so a hybrid form is developing which is also okay to use under certain circumstances. Stay tuned for more.

2. NotesOn:  IT HR – IT Role Strategic vs Tactical Ratios
This post is the result of a fascinating discussion with an IT Executive on the subject of Strategic versus Tactical responsibilities. The “who does which” isn’t uniform as some might think, it isn’t all one way or the other, i.e. execs are only Strategic and software developers are only Tactical. There is a fairly exact ratio that if understood and applied will help build a top flight IT organization.

3. NotesOn:  Project Management – Project Plan Fundamentals
It continues to amaze me how few folks in IT (and other engineering professions) truly understand the purpose and value of a well done Project Plan. Yet, first properly doing and then maintaining them has a Triple Constraint ROI that far out-weighs the time invested. If a Tech Lead, Project Manager or Manager doesn’t carry this skill-set as a primary tool in their IT tool belt they will, not may, but will have continuous project issues.

Some exciting reading coming up so stay tuned and send “Finish them DP!” thoughts my way.

DP Harshman

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