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Mission Statement

Mission Statement for FromTheRanks™ of IT:

The purpose of this site is straightforward.  It is:

  1. To help improve the quality of the IT experience and the services it provides to its users and clients.
  2. To help turn IT around so the first words out of an IT executives’ mouth, in response to IT problems, are not:  out-source (except in the case of government functions), “near-shore”, or “off-shore” … or all of the above.
  3. To help build a community of IT professionals of like mind who will help revive, spread the word about and support IT Fundamentals.

You will notice that this mission statement pre-supposes that there is an “issue” within IT as a whole.  The straight answer is:  there is.  An issue having everything to do with loss of credibility of both in-house and external IT groups.  An issue founded almost solely on the near loss of and/or ignorance of IT fundamentals.

There are exceptions, there a few “hot” IT groups, but, they are exceptions.  They will only stay “hot” if they learn, understand and apply their IT fundamentals.

There are exceptions where out-sourcing makes sense (out-sourcing of government functions to the private sector often makes perfect sense) but not as a “cure-all” to IT’s internal issues and loss of fundamentals.

First Fundamental:

Before one can truly fix a problem one must first isolate the root cause of the problem.  Doing anything else first is a “band aid” and will have no long term, and little short term, effect; other than negative ones.

Thus, this site is dedicated to getting down to the root causes, violations of the “fundamental fundamentals of IT”, so we can work back up to where we once were, and then higher.

My job, our job, is to:

  • First, re-establish The Fundamentals of IT.

In doing so you may find that you are on a road of discovery that is not always comfortable.   It can be difficult to look at, evaluate, and maybe leave behind ”customary” ideas and notions.  That discomfort is part of the process.  Stay with it, the process, and it will get better.

At times as you read my Posts or someone’s comments you may say:  “Of course!  Everyone knows that!”  Sometimes that is true, for some people.  But if we all knew and used each “everyone knows”, we’d be better off than we are now.  So re-discovery of what you already knew, and the discovery that others are in agreement with you, is also part of “the process”.

FromTheRanks™ of IT — Motto:

Believe it or not, this site has a motto, a guideline behind everything I’ve written and will write:

Near-shoring and off-shoring are never the answer, to anything.  Selected in-country out-sourcing may have value (particularly if the out-sourcing is from government to private sector which is almost always a good idea).

Note:  genuine “expansion” does not need an answer because it is not broken.  Hence, out-sourcing and off-shoring, for true expansion purposes is permissible.

To be intentionally redundant, these “solutions” are the end-result of a long chain of lost and/or ignored fundamentals.

This statement is not fostered by, triggered by, ”sour grapes”.  It is based on extended observations and extensive participation in what works, and what doesn’t.

Nor does it matter what country you live and work in.  The above “answers” are not an answer to anything anywhere, they only create problems.

By the way, the problems in IT, “of late”, have nothing to do with “The Economy” either.  … Well.  … Almost nothing.  But we’ll get to that in an upcoming Post.

Final Note:

Before beginning your journey at the Home of IT Management Fundamentals™ please read the Copyright, About DP Harshman, and Rules Of The Road pages, all under the “About” tab.

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you come back often, subscribe (via the RSS Feed, etc.) to my new Posts, and, further, I hope you will join me and other IT professionals in rebuilding the U.S., and world-wide, IT profession.


DP Harshman

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