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Creative Commons License
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Rules Of The Road

The rules of the road for this site are very simple.

  1. Professionalism:  This is a professional site.  Please write all comments in that manner.  No foul language.
  2. Opinions:  It is okay to disagree.  It is not okay to trash, disparage, denigrate or mutilate someone else or their opinion.  If you have had a “really bad day” please cool off before logging in.
  3. Company Names:  Company names are not allowed.  The occasional exception would be a noteworthy news item that is general public knowledge.  Private, privileged information is not acceptable.  This site is not about “secrets revealed” but, rather, “fundamentals re-established”.  For all IT groups.  Examples of issues and problems are fine, but no company names.
  4. Personal Names:  In like manner, an individual’s name is not appropriate, unless it is good news, or it is related to a news item that is general public knowledge and using it serves a valid purpose (valid is defined by my opinion).
  5. Religion:  This site is not about religion.  Religion is a personal matter.  Individuals of all faiths are welcome at this site.  However, as at work, or at least where I’ve worked, religion is a topic of discussion best left at the door … or in this case, at the Login page.  Please do so.
  6. Politics:  This site is not about politics either.  There may be the rare exception when a political issue has a bearing on IT.  Otherwise, as with religion, please check your political opinions and affiliations at the Login page.

To keep this site on point and safe for everyone:

  1. Monitoring:  I will monitor comments as often as possible.  Where any “violations” are minor in nature I will edit the comment.  I will also try to catch typos.  If you mean to misspell it, put it in quotes.
  2. Your Recourse:  If you feel a comment is inappropriate for this forum do not leave an e-bomb or start a comment war.  Please.  Simply leave a (we only need one) short reply to that comment indicating you feel it is a violation of the Rules Of The Road.  If I haven’t caught it in a reasonable amount of time then use the “Contact” form to let me know.  If I agree I will edit or delete the comment. Please include the Post title and the subscriber’s name — only subscribers can leave comments.
  3. Extreme Violations:  Egregious, over the top, violations of these rules will at the very least result in the deletion of the comment, and may lead to suspension or cancellation of the registration and possibly permanent blacklisting.
  4. Spamming:  Spamming, including numerous links to unrelated sites, will result in rejection or deletion of the comment and may be grounds for termination of privileges.
  5. Spam Prevention:  To help prevent spamming, registration of a valid e-mail address is required before you may leave a comment.  There are also filters in place to help  prevent a spam or spam-like comment from being posted.  (The same is true for the Contact form.)

My wish is for you, for all of us, to  look forward to participating in the activities on this site, and feel safe subscribing to Posts (and comments if desired) from this site.  I will do my best to ensure this is possible. 

We have a lot to do, and it will take professionals and professionalism to do it.

DP Harshman

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