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NotesOn: Project Management – IT Testing 101

The opportunity is just too good to pass up. Absolutely classic. Setting all political discussions aside, after three and a half years and tens to hundreds of millions of dollars (depending on to whom you listen) invested, the release of the “Obamacare” website was an unmitigated disaster. There couldn’t be a better poster child example of how not to run a project, of any magnitude. But. … Click on the title to continue [...]

NotesOn: IT Fundamentals — Project Management 101

This is a very simple and straightforward post. It has to do with lessons learned … and learned … and learned … and … Apparently some management type folks have to learn “things” the hard way. Or. Never thought there was anything regarding Project Management to be learned. Except. Of course. Nothing could be further from the truth. For those who don’t know it, here is Lesson 1 from Project Management 101. … Click on the title to continue [...]

NotesOn: IT Fundamentals – Do Not Automate Confusion

Interestingly, the subject of automation has come up in a number of different conversations lately; generally around the area of trying to automate a business process that didn’t seem to be ready to be automated. I was chatting about this very subject with my wife (a long time CAO/CFO type) the other night and she just shook her head and said, too, it can’t be done. … Click on title to read more [...]

NotesOn: The Three Sins Of Software Development

I recently received a software upgrade to a utility used widely by both IT and non-IT users alike to help maintain and protect their systems. I am planning on rolling it back to the prior version. Why? Because while the company invested a great deal of time and money in their new product … they violated all three primary sins of software development in the process, making it nearly unusable. [Originally published 01/18/2011. Republished to replace lost posting.] … Click on the title to read more. [...]

NotesOn: IT Fundamentals – The Seventh Triple Constraint

Everyone familiar with project manager roles (IT or otherwise) knows, or knows about the so called Triple Constraints (i.e. six have been identified and are widely accepted). However. There is a Seventh Constraint, a critical one to project success that, if ignored or slighted, can lead to project failure. … Click on title to read more. [...]

NotesOn: IT Fundamentals – Simple Defined More

After posting “NotesOn: IT Fundamentals – Simple Defined”, a discussion and debate began on Herding Cats (the site referenced in my post). The result of that series of comments is quite educational and furthers the searching look into the definition of “Simple”. … Click on the title to read more. [...]

NotesOn: IT Fundamentals – Simple Defined

In various articles for this website I have used, and will continue to use, the word “simple”. But using it without clarifying what it defines is a fundamental error, as “simple” must be understood within the context of its subject. It must be appreciated and accepted (or not) within the framework of a discussion area. … Click on the title to read more. [...]

NotesOn: IT Fundamentals – Cost Cutting IT Is Not The Answer

It seems nearly every IT related website, IT related seminar and IT consultancy firm broadcasts, loudly and as often and as authoritatively as possible, that Cost Cutting is absolutely imperative to an IT group’s survival in these economic times. However. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is incontrovertibly, as in 100%, the least right answer. I absolutely guarantee that Cost Cutting as a sole or major strategic initiative … Click on the title to read more. [...]

PPT: From Idea To Execution Working With IT

PowerPoint presentation “From Idea to Execution – Working With IT” presented by DP Harshman on February 23, 2010 to the University of Denver-College Of Business course on Innovation Design and Execution. … Click on the title to read more. [...]

NotesOn: IT HR – Part I – Recruiting – Attributes of a Successful Hire

We have all seen HR IT job postings for junior developers (beginning programmers) that state a BS is required but an MBA is preferred. Yet, the Degree may be the least important attribute of a successful IT team member. Does that surprise you? … Click on the title to read more. [...]