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NotesOn: IT Management – Strategic vs. Tactical Roles

This post is the result of a fascinating discussion with an IT Executive on the subject of Strategic versus Tactical responsibilities for different roles. While the subject center is IT, the ratios described herein apply to any type of company that I can think of. The “who does which” ratio, who is strategic versus who is tactical, isn’t at all one way or the other, i.e. execs are not just Strategic and technical folks are not just Tactical. … Click on Title for more [...]

NotesOn: IT HR – Part III – IT Organization Models

The structure of an IT organization is absolutely fundamental to the success of that organization. Good or bad, it provides the foundation for and sets the tone and tenor for all else IT that follows. Being traditionally under IT HR’s purview, CIO’s / CTO’s often spend a good deal of time with them as regards the best layout of their IT team. However. Based on direct experience and years of observation it is clear that the concept behind the business version of KISKIF is unknown, for too many IT organizational charts leave “something” to be desired. … Click on the title to read more. [...]

NotesOn: IT HR – Part II – Characteristics of IT Newbies

IT, more than any other industry I know of, has and requires people with a certain amount of “attitude”. Attitude, a certain status as a “prima donna”, can be a good thing. As long as it is managed and focused. Allowed to “run amuck”, however, and there can be problems. … Click on the title to read more. [...]

NotesOn: IT HR – Part I – Recruiting – Attributes of a Successful Hire

We have all seen HR IT job postings for junior developers (beginning programmers) that state a BS is required but an MBA is preferred. Yet, the Degree may be the least important attribute of a successful IT team member. Does that surprise you? … Click on the title to read more. [...]