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NotesOn: Why Developers-Writers are the Worst Testers-Editors

V1.1 – Revised:  08/12/2014

I just updated NotesOn:  Project Management – IT Testing 101 … for the third time, as there were, continued to be, a number of un-clarities and out-right errors in both the text and several of the diagrams.  To be generous we could call them “mental typos”.

For instance, on one [...]

NotesOn: Project Management – IT Testing 101

The opportunity is just too good to pass up. Absolutely classic. Setting all political discussions aside, after three and a half years and tens to hundreds of millions of dollars (depending on to whom you listen) invested, the release of the “Obamacare” website was an unmitigated disaster. There couldn’t be a better poster child example of how not to run a project, of any magnitude. But. … Click on the title to continue [...]