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NotesOn: Project Management – IT Testing 101

The opportunity is just too good to pass up. Absolutely classic. Setting all political discussions aside, after three and a half years and tens to hundreds of millions of dollars (depending on to whom you listen) invested, the release of the “Obamacare” website was an unmitigated disaster. There couldn’t be a better poster child example of how not to run a project, of any magnitude. But. … Click on the title to continue [...]

NotesOn: Risk Management – Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Essentials

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are becoming hot topics (again) so I thought I would refocus my efforts and leave other elements of IT Fundamentals for another day. It so happens that I have quite a few subject notes in draft mode, accumulated over the years, so I thought I would start with a basic, essential, outline of the subject. … Click on title to read more [...]

NotesOn: Risk Management – Risk Based Project Management

Risk Based Project Management, as a subject, has come up more than once and did again recently. It’s doing so reminded me of a short email chain with a bright young project manager named Linda. The discussion is succinct, to the point, and of value to the project management community so I am publishing it as written. [Originally published 12/29/2010. Republished to replace lost posting.] … Click on the title to read more. [...]