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NotesOn: Project Management – IT Testing 101

The opportunity is just too good to pass up. Absolutely classic. Setting all political discussions aside, after three and a half years and tens to hundreds of millions of dollars (depending on to whom you listen) invested, the release of the “Obamacare” website was an unmitigated disaster. There couldn’t be a better poster child example of how not to run a project, of any magnitude. But. … Click on the title to continue [...]

PPT: From Idea To Execution Working With IT

PowerPoint presentation “From Idea to Execution – Working With IT” presented by DP Harshman on February 23, 2010 to the University of Denver-College Of Business course on Innovation Design and Execution. … Click on the title to read more. [...]

NotesOn: The Four Fundamental Life Cycles of IT

This post addresses the four, not three, IT (Information Technology) Life Cycles that are on the “must know” list for those working in and managing an IT organization; one of the four is a new Life Cycle (LC) that, while present and in use, has never before been named. … Click on the title to read more. [...]

PPT: IT Fundamentals Supersede All Methodologies

This Post contains a PowerPoint presentation called “IT Fundamentals Supersede ALL Methodologies” given by me on June 25, 2008 at the Burton Group Catalyst Conference in San Diego, California. … Click on the title to read more. [...]